Scratch Gold Medals

In 1913 and 1914, and again from 1927, a Gold Medal was presented to the winner of the scratch medal at the Society’s meetings; from 1930 this was only done at the Summer Meeting. Gold Medals were not presented after the Second World War.

Date Venue Winner Score
1913 Ashford Manor No record
1914 Ashford Manor Robert L. Pillman
1915-26 No Competition for a Gold Medal
1927 Summer Walton Heath Sydney Newman 84
1927 Autumn Addington H. Forbes White 79
1928 Summer Walton Heath R.W. Ripley 81
1928 Autumn R.A.C. Epsom W.D. Robinson 80
1929 Summer Walton Heath R.E. Johnson
1929 Autumn R.A.C. Epsom R.W. Ripley 77
1930 Summer Walton Heath L. Evelyn Jones
1931 Summer Walton Heath R.A.P. Fison 76
1932 Summer Walton Heath R.W. Ripley 80
1933 Summer Walton Heath R.W. Ripley 78
1934 Summer Walton Heath C.J.Y. Dallmeyer 75
1935 Summer Walton Heath F.R.E. Thairlwall 76
1936 Summer Addington Palace R.W. Ripley
1937 Summer St George’s Hill E.A.S. Brooks
1938 Summer Addington E.A.S. Brooks 76
1939 Summer West Hill E.A.S. Brooks 82