Date Fixture Course Match Manager Email
Cancelled Legal Ladies Royal Wimbledon Steven Turnbull
29/04/2021 Lloyd’s New Zealand Jeremy Clarke-Williams 
04/05/2021 Spring Meeting Woking Adam Walker
07/05/2021 Stock Exchange Woking Adam Walker
Cancelled Surveyors West Sussex Mark Clark
11/06/2021 East Anglian Lawyers Aldeburgh Stephen Barnard
26/06/2021 The Bar Woking Richard Grandison
30/06/2021 Irish Solicitors  County Sligo Robin Holmes
01/07/2021 Irish Solicitors   Carne Robin Holmes
02/07/2021 Irish Solicitors Enniscrone Robin Holmes
13/09/2021 Press Royal St George’s James Furber
20/09/2021 Wine Trade Royal St George’s Michael Stanford-Tuck
29/09/2021 Autumn Meeting Royal Ashdown Adam Walker
04/10/2021 ORGS New Zealand Ellie Evans
02/10/2021 Abady Trophy Woking William Begley
28/10/2021 Writers to the Signet Royal St George’s Brian Gegg