Evelyn Jones Foursome Challenge Cup

The Evelyn Jones Foursome Challenge Cups were presented by F Evelyn Jones in 1926 and are now awarded for the best handicap foursomes score at the Spring Meeting.

Year Winner
1927 S. Newman and F. Burgis
1928 B. Trayton Kenward and H. Robson Sadler
1929 R.E. Johnson and C. Bowen
1930 H. Forbes White and C.F. Rowlands
1931 B. Trayton Kenward and A.H. Leathart
1932 W.T. Watkins Birts and G.E.H. Reader
1933 J.A. Attenborough and Arnold Carter
1934 R.F. Ripley and R.W. Ripley
1935 E.H. Coe and S. Newman
1936 N.F. Boyes and C.S. Slingsby
1937 Malcolm Clark and S.K. Nichols
1938 F.G. Petch and E.A.S. Brooks
1939 F.G. Petch and E.A.S. Brooks
1940-47 No Competition
1948 E.P. Shaw and B.L.B. Hutchings
1949 E. Hyams and F.R. Hamp
1950 N.M. Baldwin and C.J.G. Woolley
1951 D.I.C. Cooke and T.F.P. Martin
1952 D. Brooke-Hutchings and P.F.C. Lomax
1953 B.L.B. Hutchings and J.E.B. Rae
1954 T.G. Bennett and J.D. Kerr
1955 H.W. Meaby and R. Woolf
1956 H.W. Meaby and R. Woolf
1957 H.W. Meaby and R. Woolf
1958 L.M. Nathanson and F.J.N. Nabarro
1959 T.G. Bennett and M.F. West
1960 P. Marriage and T.P. Walmsley
1961 G. Vaughan and N.W. Roberts
1962 A.R. Nieland and E.J.B. Hutchings
1963 J.K.H. Havard and G.R.E. Wallis
1964 A.R. Nieland and G. Cottam
1965 J.R.E. Drooglever and W.R. Taylor
1966 L.M. Nathanson and F.J.N. Nabarro
1967 J.J.N. Caplan and R. Hayes
1968 P.M. Armitage and A.C. Surtees
1969 R.L. Gardner and R. Gardner
1970 No record
1971 No record
1972 No record
1973 J.R. Weller and M. Hutchings
1974 R.F. Gardner and R.G. Hayes
1975 R.F. Gardner and J.J.N. Caplan
1976 R.H. Burleigh and J.J.N. Caplan
1977 T.M. Hawes and J.R.N. Holdsworth
1978 K.S. Gallon and C.R.L. James
1979 B.G. Streather and C. Travers
1980 R.F. Wheen and P.S. Farren
1981 J.J.N. Caplan and P.M. Davies
1982 C.S. Ranson and B.G. Streather
1983 A.G. Benzie and P.J.D. Langford
1984 A.C. Surtees and J.N.L. Chalton
1985 S.C. Jones and D.G. Choyce
1986 E.A.S. Brooks and I.T.G. Lambert
1987 M. Read and H.C. Rumbelow
1988 B.G. Streather and C.S. Ranson
1989 J.N.L. Chalton and P.L. Williams
1990 Anthony Penna and Derek Randall
1991 Nick Downie and David Wyld
1992 John Clark and Charles Ranson
1993 Philip Langford and Jeremy Rutter
1994 Michael Boswell and Hugh Elder
1995 Alistair Macrae and Nigel Bennett
1996 Keith Gallon and Bill Farrer
1997 Christopher Millerchip and Adam Walker
1998 Richard Grandison and Bill Richards
1999 Julian Walton and John Hargrove
2000 Richard Grandison and Bill Richards
2001 Christopher Johnson-Gilbert and Keith Gallon
2002 David Hunt and James Furber
2003 Richard Grandison and Bill Richards
2004 Martyn Gowar and Jack Riddy
2005 Peter Morley-Jacob and James Gordon
2006 Roger Davies and Christopher Jones-Gilbert
2007 Tim Watts and Frank Donagh
2008 Jeremy Caplan and John Rink
2009 William King and Stuart Murray
2010 Toby Hornett and Nick Edbrooke