Ellis Cunliffe Challenge Vase

The Ellis Cunliffe Challenge Vase was presented by Sir Ellis Cunliffe, President of the Society 1914 – 1920.  It was originally played as a singles handicap matchplay knockout.  Since 1949 it has been awarded as a foursomes handicap prize and is now played for at the Autumn Meeting.

Year Winner
1919 H. Francis
1920 S. Newman
1921 J.A. Attenborough
1922 H. Forbes White
1923 R.W. Ripley
1924 J. Hall
1925 L.W. Webster
1926 R.E. Johnson
1927 R.W. Ripley
1928 W.D. Robinson
1929 T.E. St. C. Daniell
1930 C.F. Rowlands
1931 S. Cook
1932 J.L. de la Cour
1933 F. G. Petch
1934 R. E. Allen
1935 P.D. Franks
1936 S. Jennings
1937 D. J. McArthur
1938 – 48 No Competition
1949 E.A.S. Brooks and R.P. Gladstone
1950 No record
1951 J.E.B. Rae and H. Mott
1952 D.I.C. Cooke and T.F.P. Martin
1953 No record
1954 H.W. Meaby and R. Woolf
1955 J.D. Kerr and P.M. Armitage
1956 No record
1957 No record
1958 B.J.B. Hutchings and A.R.Nieland
1959 No record
1960 P. Marriage and T.P. Walmsley
1961 F. Williamson and A.R. Nieland
1962 J.G. Parker and C.M. Clough
1963 P.M. Armitage and S. Soames
1964 M. Ellis and A.R. Nieland
1965 F.R. Furber and J.G. Hopton
1966 J. Chambres and A.D. Perriman
1967 F.J.N. Nabarro and L.M. Nathanson
1968 J.F. Goble and M. Ellis
1969 H.S. Storrs and T.P.D. Ward
1970 J.D. Watney and J.A. Watney
1971 J.D. Watney and J.A. Watney
1972 J.D. Watney and J.A. Watney
1973 L.C.J. Wilcox and T.A. Kinnersley
1974 R.F. Gardner and J.J.N. Caplan
1975 R.F. Gardner and J.J.N. Caplan
1976 R.G. Davies and J.S. Rink
1977 G.D. Hudson and K.M.T. Ryan
1978 J.W. Jeffrey and J.M. Jefferson
1979 B.O. Lloyd and R.A. Griffiths
1980 N.M. Curtis and M. Loup
1981 J.J.N. Caplan and P.M. Davies
1982 A.G. Benzie and P.J.D. Langford
1983 J.J.N. Caplan and R.F. Gardner
1984 K.S. Gallon and R.W. Venables
1985 J.A. Watney and B.O. Lloyd
1986 J.A. Watney and B.O. Lloyd
1987 R. Peryer and P. Ralfs
1988 P.J.D. Langford and J.J. Rutter
1989 T.G. Arnold and J.J. Elgee
1990 A.J. Dixon and A.J. McCrae
1991 Adrian Watney and Barrie Lloyd
1992 Tim Arnold and Hugh Elder
1993 Jonathan Chalton and Paul Williams
1994 Peter Hewes and Arfon Jones
1995 Martin Read and Clive Rumbelow
1996 Peter Hewes and Arfon Jones
1997 Christopher Millerchip and Adam Walker
1998 Justin Walkey and Brinsley Nicholson
1999 Brinsley Nicholson and Alan Black
2000 Richard Wheen and Christopher Johnson-Gilbert
2001 Christopher Johnson-Gilbert and Andrew Daws
2002 Arfon Jones and Peter Hewes
2003 Andrew Dixon and Chris Millerchip
2004 Mike Boswell and Arfon Jones
2005 Steven Turnbull and Keith Gallon
2006 Tom Hawes and Keith Gallon
2007 Richard Venables and Holly Venables
2008 Philip Langford and David Edwards
2009 Patrick Hole and David Cull